The Final Walk


I search in and out, above, about and below for the pieces of the puzzle.  I know the pieces don’t exist yet, but I still try.  I have nothing better to do while we wait for someone to do something.

Temperatures rise, the pavement cracks and the streets are frozen with fear.  I’m an invisible entity amidst a panicking crowd.  It’s bullshit no one saw it coming.  No one wanted to listen, so they didn’t.  Most destruction was done by us hacks who could not choose between good and evil.  Now they hope the television tells them it can be reversed.  I’ve accepted it.  I feel fine.  I sleep.  I eat.  I get off.

There isn’t a lot of time and the only thing I want to know is if it really happened.  I’m tired of longing for something I do not know.

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